About Me


            Thanks for taking the time to visit Simply Green Nutrition. I believe in a diet that is simple, pure, delicious, environmentally friendly, and accessible to everyone. Changing our eating habits is often simultaneously one of the most difficult and rewarding changes we can make to enhance our everyday lives, and I hope to motivate others to make this change for themselves.

          After graduating from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario, I traveled to Central America and moved to Costa Rica for a short time. I had the incredible opportunity to work in an organic food market where I was inspired by the role pure, healthy food and proper nutrition played in transforming people’s lives and bringing communities together. I met some truly amazing individuals who had seemingly perfected the art of healthy eating, using nothing but simple ingredients. This life changing experience further motivated me to pursue a career in health and nutrition, and help others to find this balance in their own lives. This led me to the next part of my journey, at the University of Westminster in London, UK. I received training in statistics, epidemiology, research methods, nutritional assessment, health promotion and behaviour change, concepts and principles of nutrition, public health and policy, as well as the prevention and treatment of obesity of children.

          I received my Masters of Science in November 2014, and was given the award of Student of the Year. Shortly after I relocated to Germany and began working as a Nutritionist in the greater Cologne area. I started Simply Green Nutrition in 2015 because I wanted to create a platform that could help individuals obtain a healthy, balanced lifestyle that was not only easy to maintain, but could lead to lasting change. Keeping it simple and following this nutrition plan in my own life has given me increased and sustained energy, more restful sleep, stable blood sugar without cravings, softer and brighter skin, a stable healthy weight, more motivation, and best of all: a positive relationship with food. I hope to help others meet their goals and feel great without enslaving calorie restriction, weighing food, or any of the other unpleasant and ultimately ineffective habits that entrap so many people on the path to health and fitness.


          Aside from health, my interests include yoga, scuba diving, volunteering, nutrition science, and traveling. I have been lucky enough to visit many places in Canada and the United States, Central America and the Caribbean, the UK, Europe, and the beautiful island of Madagascar off Africa’s southeast coast. These experiences taught me about more than just different cultures, but also the way people eat, learn, find balance, and experience life all over the world. I hope to bring the cumulation of these experiences and my passion for optimal living to this site. I will also be continuously posting articles to explain the latest in nutrition science and help you make sense of the facts behind nutrition trends, myths, and studies. My Master’s thesis was on Phytoestrogens and breast cancer, and thus the connection between food, disease prevention, and innovation is extremely close to me. I hope that Simply Green inspires you to begin your healthy journey and I look forward to working with you on meeting your goals!